by Death Row

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released February 7, 2012



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Death Row Warszawa, Poland

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Track Name: Who's fooling who?
You talk too much
much too much
start to act
instead of wasting time

I've heard it before
perhaps a thousand times
excuses and complaints
don't repeat them all!

Save your breath
Save your words
Cut the shit
Don't repeat it all

Tell me now who is fooling who?
The only one, who is cheated is you

Who's fooling who?
Track Name: Together
Think again, we've got common goals
Stop pushing us against the wall
Lock us up, won't stop at nothing
Fucking taboo, nobody says anything
Same rights, claims we share
Same bullshit, that's what I hear
There's a lack of "us"
Hearts and hands
Stick together,
Make it work again!

Fight against the odds,
Not each other.
Track Name: Stand Strong
Driven by hypocrisy
Hollow minds forbid to speak
Once friends now enemies
World is changing I stay the same

Among liars, cowards and fakes
I stand strong!
Abandoned by false friends, alone
I stay cold!
When there's nothing left of hope
I stand alone!

You're like them, you betray
There's only one thing in this world
I learned a lesson, that I'm sure
We all are born and die alone

When you run out of places to hide
Will you tell me yet another lie?
Everyday, surrounded by deception
You forget about who you are
Your illusion provides protection
But are you ready to pay the price?
I refuse to stand in line
with empty faces and dimmed eyes
Track Name: The end
World is coming to an end!

Sit back and watch
Death in the ad break
Here you are safe
Long way from this hell!

World is coming to an end!
More I see, less understand
Different colors, praying hands
Spilling oil on wastelands

With hands tied
We go like sheep
To kill ourselves

We want more
We go like sheep
Fight the war
Track Name: Dump the stress
I'm fucking pissed
I've had enough
This day sucks
This day's fucked
Don't give a shit
what you think
Don't give a fuck
what you do
All I can
Think of is
How to smash
Through you!

I have to dump the stress
Out of my chest
Out of my chest
Track Name: FTW
It 's a warm night on the streets of Warsaw
Me and the boys are gonna hit a bar or few
There's Tacher and Sypek and some others too
We all had that one beer or even two
My man Gene came around with some strange booze
We drink it fast, 'cause we got nothing to loose
We're all a bit pissed and Sypek starts running around
We all know it's time to buy him another round
Cwiara came an' says: lets go to a bar
Come on boys, that ain't that far!

Fuck the World!

I know I'll wind up cold and dead
On a sidewalk curb with a broken head
But my friends are here for me
We stick together till our dying days

A few hours later we go into a club
The bartender pours us something good
We're all fucking drunk and we want more
Gienek is mumbling something, I don't know
Tacher just got some bloke K.O.'ed
Martinez feels like an old pirate again
Pulpet wants to make hippies feel pain
Ptasiek hooked up with some new bird
Man, he has his way with them girls
Call us drunks, we don't give a fuck