2011 PROMO

by Death Row

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released May 3, 2011



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Death Row Warszawa, Poland

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Track Name: Protect & Serve

We got no badges, but it's time to round up
Maybe it's me but the scene needs a clean up
Let's get rid of all the fakes and sellouts
Those who don't know what it's all about

Protect & Serve

This is a way we live our lives
Keepin' it simple among corruption and lies
A world you won't see on MTV
A movement directed against society

Protect & Serve

We are the ones that still are true
Like my friends in Hard to Breathe and NBU
You know it punk, don't fuck with us
Some of the kids need a reality check
Protect and serve, you need to understand
Protect and serve, protect and serve!
Track Name: Take it back

Get the fuck out, we don't want you here
Metalhead fucks taking over the scene
You wannabe stars don't convince me!
Do you want the scene to look like this?
Controlable bands made just for profit
Take a metal band and call it metalcore
What the fuck about that is hardcore?

Let's take it back to where it belongs
Let's take it back to the streets
Pissed of kids with something to say
Those who believe and support the scene

You wanna be true, but you got it all wrong
Money and nice clothes won't do the job
Just how can I be more clear?
We don't need you, get the fuck out of here, NOW!